Classification: 5345: Social economy


Journal article

2020 Gruszka, Katarzyna, Böhm, Madeleine. 2020. Out of sight, out of mind? (In)visibility of/in platform-mediated work. New Media & Society (NMS). 1-20. open access (Details)
  Gruszka, Katarzyna, Scholz-Wäckerle, Manuel, Aigner, Ernest. 2020. Planetary carambolage: The evolutionary political economy of technology, nature and work. Review of Evolutionary Political Economy. 273-293. open access (Details)
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2012 Obermann, Gabriel, Bognetti, Giuseppe. 2012. Local Public Services in European Countries: Main Results of a Research Project by CIRIEC International. Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics 83 (4): 485-503. (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2021 Czibik, Agnes, Fazekas, Mihaly, Sanchez, Alfredo Hernandez, Wachs, Johannes. 2021. Networked Corruption Risks in European Defense Procurement. In: Corruption Networks Concepts and Applications, Hrsg. Granados, Oscar M. and Nicolas-Carlock, Jose R. 67-87. New York: Springer International Publishing. open access (Details)
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Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2015 Obermann, Gabriel. 2015. The future of public enterprise - Conclusions. International conference CIRIEC International and CIRIEC France, Paris, Frankreich, 25.02.2015. (Details)
2013 Kostal, Thomas, Obermann, Gabriel. 2013. Session 5 - Other Services of General Interest: "Wiener Linien". XII Milan European Economy Workshop: Case histories of public enterprises: learning from success and failure, Mailand, Italien, 13.06.-14.06.. (Details)
2009 Lang, Richard, Rößl, Dietmar. 2009. The Role of Social Capital in the Development of Community-based Cooperatives. EMNet 2009 - 4th International Conference on Economics and Management of Networks, Sarajevo, Bosnien-Herzegowina, 03.09.-05.09. (Details)

Working/discussion paper, preprint

2016 Marchenko, Maria. 2016. Endogenous Shocks in Social Networks: Exam Failures and Friends' Future Performance. (Details)
2014 Kostal, Thomas, Michalitsch, Verena, Obermann, Gabriel. 2014. Local Public Transport in Vienna by Wiener Linien, Governance and Provision of Services. CIRIEC Working Paper 2014/17. (Details)

Unpublished lecture

2016 Kostal, Thomas. 2016. Local public transport. EUsers Summer School, Milano, Italien, 30.06. (Details)


COST-Action IS1102: Social Services, Welfare State and Places. The restructuring of social services in Europe and its impacts on social and territorial cohesion and governance (2011-2015) (Details)
Economic Impact Study for the Private-Public-Partnership between the Raiffeisen Holding NÖ/Wien and the Austrian Army (2003-2003) (Details)
Dimensions, structures und significance of the Austrian nonprofit sector (1998-1999) (Details)
  • Gruszka, Katarzyna (Details)
  • Obermann, Gabriel (Former researcher)