Classification: 4922: Environmental protection


Journal article

2015 Waginger, Eva. 2015. Waginger, Eva. 2013. Veraltet aber aktuell: die geplante Obsoleszenz. Forum Ware 43, 37-41. (Details)

Research report, expert opinion

2004 Waginger-Koroschitz, Eva, Körbitz, Werner, Friedrich, Stefan, Wörgetter, Manfred. 2004. Worldwide Review on Biodiesel Production. Vienna: Austrian Biofuels Institute. (Details)

Teaching materials

2011 Alber, Sebastian. 2011. Organising a seminar programm on energy systems in Europe for an Indian delegation, Vienna April 2011. (Details)

Unpublished lecture

2016 Waginger, Eva. 2016. Wir sitzten alle im selben Boot. Living Books: C3 Bildung im Zentrum, Wien, 16.03. (Details)


Best case studies on liquid biofuels for the transport sector in Europe and a global review on commercial production of biodiesel (2002-2004) (Details)
European Confernce Series on the Evaluation of Sustainability (2002-2003) (Details)
EKKA - Evaluation of municipal climate protection activities (2002-2002) (Details)
City-hinterland relations in the region of Vienna (2000-2002) (Details)