Classification: 1812: Regional development planning


Journal article

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Chapter in edited volume

2021 Bärnthaler, Richard. 2021. Die Ökonomie des Alltagslebens als Eckpfeiler einer sozial-ökologischen Transformation. In: Covid-Kaleidoskop II: Was tun nach der Krise? Hrsg. Beigewum, 77-81. Wien: - open access (Details)


Transformative Realism for effective climate action (2021-2023) (Details)
OECD Project „EU Cohesion Policy in 2007-2013: Who are the beneficiaries of the structural funds and the Cohesion Fund and how does cohesion policy impact firm-level performance” (2017-2018) (Details)
  • Gude, Stefanie (Former researcher)