Classification: 1801: Applied geography


Journal article

2022 Essletzbichler, Jürgen. 2022. Engaging with precarious urban futures: From entrepreneurial to grounded city. European Urban and Regional Studies. 29 1-21. open access (Details)
  Wachs, Johannes, Nitecki, Mariusz, Schueller, William, Polleres, Axel. 2022. The Geography of Open Source Software: Evidence from GitHub. Technological Forecasting and Social Change. 176 open access (Details)
2021 Essletzbichler, Jürgen, Moser, Mathias, Derndorfer, Judith, Staufer-Steinnocher, Petra. 2021. Spatial variation in populist right voting in Austria, 2013–2017. Political Geography. 90 1-11. open access (Details)
  Essletzbichler, Jürgen, Forcher, Johannes. 2021. “Red Vienna” and the rise of the populist right. European Urban and Regional Studies. 28 1-16. open access (Details)
2019 Marchand, Yannick, Breau, Sebastian, Essletzbichler, Jürgen. 2019. How does inequality affect growth? Evidence from a panel of Canadian regions. Canadian Journal of Regional Science. 42 (2), 130-139. (Details)
2018 Essletzbichler, Jürgen, Disslbacher, Franziska, Moser, Mathias. 2018. The victims of neoliberal globalisation and the rise of the populist vote: a comparative analysis of three recent electoral decisions. Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society. 11 (1), 73-94. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2020 Essletzbichler, Jürgen. 2020. Precarization and the urban spatial contract: Delivering socio-spatial reliance systems in Vienna. Urban Europe, Precarious Futures? Coventry - online, United Kingdom, 02.12.2020. Invited Talk (Details)

Research report, expert opinion

2021 Raza, Werner, Grumiller, Jan, Grohs, Hannes, Essletzbichler, Jürgen, Pintar, Nico. 2021. Post Covid-19 value chains: options for reshoring production back to Europe in a globalised economy. Belgium:European Parliament's Committee on International Trade. (Details)

Book or article review

2016 Essletzbichler, Jürgen. 2016. Book Review. Besprechung von Inequality and the 1%, von Danny Dorling. Social and Cultural Geography 17 (1), 145-147. (Details)
  Essletzbichler, Jürgen. 2016. Book Review. Besprechung von The Rise and Fall of Urban Economies: Lessons from San Francisco and Los Angeles. von Michael Storper, Thomas Kemeny, Naji Makarem and Taner Osman. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 40 (5), 1067-1069. (Details)


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